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We understand that you may feel nervous before a dental appointment, especially when you remember how cavities are traditionally treated.

Well, you can relax, because those times are over.

Apex Dental provides you a gentle , thorough, and PAIN FREE -DRILL FREE filling experience.

Technically, it is called “Targeted caries treatment with Ozone” and uses the HealOzone system, still the safest and most effected device for providing ozone in dentistry!

Off course you’re wondering, “why ozone, and what is the reason for this treatment method?”

  • Ozone is naturally occurring, highly effected, antimicrobial agent. For many decades it has been used by widely in medicine and now dentists are using it as well.
  • The goals of treatment are off course to retain as much of the healthy tooth as possible, and to keep treatment pain-free. Both of these goals may be accomplished with the HealOzone system.

“If you want to effectively prevent and eliminate cavities, you first have to know how they occur.”

Time and caries bacteria are the two most important factors in the development of carious lesions that are destined to become cavities:

  • As you eat food, bacteria forms plaque that adheres to the tooth, in the fissures of the tooth enamel and at the edge of gingiva.
  • As you eat, the bacteria in your mouth start to break down the carbohydrates in the food, and aggressive acids arise.
  • The results: with in a few minutes, the pH in your mouth falls into the acidic range, and minerals are gradually leached-out of the enamel, leaving it vulnerable to further attack (Demineralisation)
  • Acids in foods such as fruit juices also support this decalcification process and demineralisation of the teeth.
  • The basic rule is, the longer the aggressive acids of the caries bacteria it act, the more the enamel is damage, and the formation of carious lesions and cavities is promoted

“The acid attack on the enamel must be stopped!”




Our body already has its own protective mechanism:
Since human saliva is slightly alkaline, increased saliva flow (for example from chewing gum) dilutes and neutralises the acids, and the pH is normalized in the mouth.

The enamel mineral components, calcium and phosphate, that are in a high concentration in the saliva are supplied to the tooth to promote healthy “remineralisation”

“However, only proper hygiene, in conjunction with a healthy diet can interrupt the process of demineralisation and prevent the caries formation of lesions and cavities!”

Come to experience new innovations in dentistry fillings which need  NO DRILLING- a complete pain free experience!