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Apex Dental provides a range of cosmetic procedures and facial aesthetics treatments administered by our qualified medical professionals.
Whenever you laugh, frown, concentrate or squint into the sun, your facial muscles contract and your skin creases. As you get older your skin loses its elasticity and those creases deepen into lines that become permanently etched on your face. Frown lines between your eyes can become particularly noticeable at a relatively young age, making you look angry or worried even when you’re not.

Many people find after several treatments that they don’t need another one for longer because they have unlearned the habit of frowning or squinting that originally led to the development of these lines.

Our specialised cosmetic procedures are designed to improve your smile and give you the confidence to be yourself again.


Dysport® is a protein extracted from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. The protein was initially used for the treatment of motor disorders and various kinds of involuntary muscular spasms, including cerebral palsy. It was further developed to treat a wide variety of neuromuscular disorders, for which it is licensed in over 60 countries.

In New Zealand, Dysport® now has registration approval under the Medicines Act for the treatment of frown lines.

Dysport® is a simple, effective, non-surgical treatment that works by relaxing facial muscles, thereby reducing and smoothing frown-lines and wrinkles.

Dysport® is supported by over a decade of clinical experience. It has been used in New Zealand by Eye specialists and neurologists to treat nervous tics and muscle spasms of the face and neck.

In fact, Dysport® has been available in New Zealand for over 19 years to treat neuro-muscular disorders and was the first botulinum toxin Type A to be approved in this country of medical use.

Dysport® is manufactured in Britain by Ipsen Limited.

Dysport® selected for effectiveness trusted through experience. So ask for it by name.


Restylane® is an injectable gel. A Restylane treatment should always be administered by a medically qualified healthcare practitioner, e.g. plastic surgeon, dermatologist, doctor or nurse.

Restylane enhances your looks in a natural and subtle way achieving the beauty lift you desire so you can look good and feel great.

Youthful skin is rich in hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid has a vital function in the skin. It binds water and thereby hydrates the skin and keeps it fresh, firm and healthy. As we age the function and distribution of hyaluronic acid in our skin gradually changes which leads to loss of skin elasticity, leading to the characteristic signs of ageing, eg lines and wrinkles and change in facial shape.

Restylane when injected into the skin replenishes your own natural stocks of hyaluronic acid. It works at a deep dermal level to stimulate the production of collagen and improve skin elasticity, softening the appearance of facial lines and restoring youthful volume and shape to the face. A Restylane procedure is very quick and the results can be seen immediately.


The Specific crosslinking conditions better preserve the length of the hyaluronic acid chains.

Less BDDE is needed to create the gel, also supported by the natural interactions between the long chains.

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Emerval Range of products

Emervel filler is made in a laboratory using hyaluronic acid, and without the use of animal products. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is what makes the skin look plump and full. Bacterial fermentation is then used after the hyaluronic acid is cross-linked with Butanediol Diglycidyl Ether (BDDE), in order to form a gel-like substance. The formula is then purified through dialysis before distribution.

Emervel dermal filler has a range of five different products which are specialized to enhance certain areas of facial skin. Four of the five products are made with lidocaine, to provide comfort when injected. All products are injected from pre-measured 1-2 ml, ultra thin needles for accuracy. The range of Emervel products are as follows:

  • Emervel Touch is for fine or superficial periorbital lines which occur around the outer eyes. Emervel Touch is the only product which is not made with lidocaine included.
  • Emervel Classic is used to produce a medium lifting effect for moderate lines and wrinkles. It works especially well on nasolabial folds, or the parentheses around the mouth and below the nose.
  • Emervel Lips is used to restore the plumpness of the lips, and to define the lip border.
  • Emervel Deep is used as a high-volume lifting effect to smooth deeper nasolabial folds, and marionette lines. It is injected deeper into the dermal layer, and integrates with present skin cells.
  • Emervel Volume provides very high-volume lifting effects for those who have lost facial volume due to the aging process. Emervel Volume works well to restore volume to cheekbones, cheeks, and the chin area.


Juvederm products are a smooth consistency gel, compared to some hyaluronic gel products that have a granular consistency. Juvederm products are developed using the Hylacross technology to allow a smoother, malleable gel. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring sugar found in the body. Hyaluronic acid works by holding in water at the injection site and acting as a cushioning agent. It adds temporary volume and a smoother appearance to skin. Most patients need one treatment to achieve optimal results.


Redensity I is a medical-grade treatment that consists of micro-injections performed evenly across the area of concern to spread the dermal restructuring complex evenly into the skin. Results are evident several days following the treatment and are cumulative with each session.

  • Nourishes and hydrates the skin from within
  • Redensifies the skin restoring plumpness
  • Improves skin texture, tone and firmnes
  • Promotes radiance, complexion reflects light
  • Provides an overall refreshed look
  • Beneficial in conjunction with treatments that promote collagen

MINT Thread Lift

Face Value is now offering MINT Thread Lift, a safe and minimally invasive procedure using absorbable thread to redefine and restore lost elasticity and volume to the face, creating a beautiful and natural result. It is less invasive than traditional facelift surgery and more convenient, involves less risk and is less expensive. The procedure takes only 30 – 60 minutes and local anaesthetic is used to minimise any discomfort.

How does MINT Thread Lift work?

The MINT Thread Lift does two things; firstly, the threads cause tension in the skin that gives an immediate lifting effect. Secondly, the material that the threads are made of, PDO, stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and hyalronic acid in the skin which results in firmer skin.

Who is suitable for this procedure?

This procedure is recommended for both men and women, over the age of 30, who are showing signs of ageing, but do not want to undergo a full facelift or any heavy invasive surgery. The MINT Thread Lift treatment exists as a non-surgical alternative to invasive surgery.

Which areas can be treated with the MINT Thread Lift?

MINT lift can be used to treat many different areas of the face:

  • Facial Contour: redefines the contour of the face, firming the skin and giving a fuller look to the cheeks
  • Lower Jaw: the contour of the face regains definiation and cheeks are redifined
  • Neck: provides more definition and a stronger contour, giving the neck a sleeker appearance
  • Cheeks: the cheeks and cheekbones appear fuller and the nasolabial fold is reduced

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