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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry has moved from the optional treatment it was years ago to the forefront of the profession for it combines the benefits of aesthetic beauty with the minimal removal of healthy tooth structure. The results are not only dramatic, but also functional and extremely long lasting. To accurately asses your own cosmetic dental concerns, ask yourself what you would change if there were no costs, no discomfort and minimal time requirements. Ask yourself further what benefits you might gain from such an improvement, in terms of social business, and personal comfort. In essentially every instance, we have been able to exceed our patient’s highest expectations. Our Smile Gallery is meant to highlight some of the procedures we provide in our office, from bleaching and full veneers to tooth-colour “invisible” inlays and crowns.

Cosmetic dentistry or a smile makeover could help you feel happy with your smile. At Apex Dental, we offer a wide range of advanced treatments for patients looking for cosmetic dentistry in Auckland.

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