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Emergency Services

At alert level 4 and 3 we offer free WINZ and StudyLink quotes, we offer afterhours services and late nights on Monday till 08:00 pm, also we are open on ALL public holidays, we are open to offer same day relief of pain service on public holidays (Auckland Anniversary to New Years; Christmas and Boxing day),
alert level 4 and 3 and 24*7 available on call for WINZ quotes and prescriptions.

Need emergency dental treatment in Auckland?

Emergency dental services can include toothache, dental trauma (knocked out or fractured teeth), or facial swelling. If you need emergency dental treatment or relief of pain, please call our 24 hour Emergency Support Team on 09 379 0149. They will be able to advise you on the most appropriate action, which may include a remote consultation or emergency dental appointment.
Our 24 hours emergency dental practices follow strict guidelines including additional personal protective equipment (PPE) to help prevent transmission of COVID-19.

Our emergency treatment options

After phoning our Emergency Support Team, depending on your situation, you may be referred for a remote consultation with a dentist or an emergency dental treatment appointment.
1) Dentist Call-Back Remote Consultation
If you need to consult with one of our dentists remotely, the Emergency Support Team will refer you for our Dentist Call-Back service. Our on-call emergency dentist will call you back within four hours of receiving your confirmation. They will be able to discuss your symptoms with you and advise you on the most appropriate action, which may include a prescription.
2) Emergency Dental Treatment Appointment
Following your remote consultation, if you need to come into one of our practices for emergency dental treatment, the 24 hours Emergency Support Team will arrange a booking for you at one of our emergency practices and explain the process and safety steps to follow, to ensure your wellbeing and that of our team. Please review the full terms and conditions below before booking an emergency Appointment with us.

Looking for your dentist?

Best of all, it’s cheaper than the old traditional fillings. So call us today! We’ll take care of any toothache or gum problems.

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