From science to practice:
A new caries treatment method!

The loss of healthy hard tissue due to caries is still a frequently occurring problem. However, thanks to modern science, our knowledge of caries has advanced a great deal in the past decades.

Now we are not only capable of detecting caries early. With a new treatment method we can also offer the right therapy that ensure maximum preservation of the healthy hard tissues for certain caries diagnoses.

A unique treatment method:
Caries Infiltration without drilling!

  • The problem: Caries causing micro-organisms produce acids which damage the enamel to such an extent that dissolved minerals create a pore system in the enamel structure. This demineralisation can weaken the hard tissue to the point of breakdown.
  • The solution: Icon, the world’s first Caries infiltrant, fills the pore system and thus stabilises the hard tissue. International study results confirm the principle of Caries infiltration.

Caries on smooth surfaces: Initial caries on smooth surfaces is easy to detect. Often chalky white spots are the indicator – and disturb the esthetic appearance of your teeth.
With Icon even this form of caries can be treated without drilling, and your teeth will regain their natural colour. In general, cariogenic spots can be removed successfully with only a few treatment steps and in one sitting.

See this worldwide unique treatment method for yourself:
 Caries infiltration with Icon.

Where caries starts.
And how Icon stops it!

Caries in interdental spaces: Interdental spaces are among the most caries-prone areas of the teeth since they are often difficult to clean properly. Even your dentist detects initial caries only on x-rays that should be taken in regular intervals.

This difficult-to-access caries can now be treated successfully with Icon – without drilling! By using ultra-thin application tips the required treatment materials are applied to the affected hard tissue.